この人権団体は情報保存のデータベースとしてFacebookアカウントを使用しています。停止のため 迫害された新疆ウイグルの人々に関する記事や 証言ビデオ 写真が全てアクセス不能となり、合計3万件の情報が失われました。





その後 事件がメディアの話題を受けてアカウントは元に戻されました。


Human rights group’s Facebook account suspended

Turning to social media Facebook suspended the account of a human rights group fighting for people in China’s Xinjiang region.
But after the group turned to media outlets with the story, the accounts seemingly reappeared.

A Kazakhstani human rights group issued a statement on Sunday, asking if Facebook supports China’s crackdown on Xinjiang.
The statement said, the organization had used its Facebook account for four years, but explained it was suddenly suspended for no clear reason.

The organization uses its Facebook account as a human rights database for storing information.
Following the suspension, all the articles, testimony videos and photos of people who had been persecuted in Xinjiang disappeared.
A total of 30,000 pieces of information were lost.

The organization’s founder also revealed that the account included hundreds of speeches he gave on China’s Belt and Road Initiative,
an infrastructure investment project known to extend Beijing’s overseas influence.

Many of the speeches featured criticism of the Initiative which the founder says traps other countries and damages their values and freedoms.
Some of them had attracted millions of views.

After the Facebook account was blocked, the organization filed a complaint with the platform.
A reply stated that the account could not be restored, because it did not comply with Facebook’s community rules.

The account has since been restored following the case’s media buzz.

The country of Kazakhstan is located northeast of china’s Xinjiang region, hundreds of thousands of Uyghur’s member of a minority ethnic group lived there.